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Laurie Bloom Ceramic Arts


Clay:  what it's like


Clay comes from the earth. 

I am inspired by working with a material that comes from the earth - I am drawn by its smell, temperature, heft, malleability.  My work can be evocative:  People often seem to be reminded of something in my work that draws them closer - and sometimes doesn't.  I am glad of that.  I thought about clay for a long time before I had the chance to engage with it.  Years later it continues to bring everything together for me, more than any other medium.  It is process of creation that seems not to have a true end and not even always a clear start.  I work with stoneware slab, using tools and found objects to alter surface, add texture, create images.  I construct my work from either deliberately made or accidentally created components, or from scraps of other work.  I enjoy being pulled by intrinsic shapes and edges toward a completed whole. 


What I make


My work is typically functional, and always decorative.  You can tell it is made by hand.  The type of clay I use is stoneware, usually brown and sometimes white. I make wall pieces with branch dowels added to hold whatever lighter weight objects you like; oblong troughs, often with decorative branch handles; wall sconces to hold flowers; trays and trivets; bowls; abstract and whimsical wall pieces.  All are hand built from clay slab, colored with glazes, often carved with tools and textured with a variety of objects, including old and new found objects and stamps made for the purpose.                                                                

Like many artists I also make photographs, and sometimes gelatin prints, some of which are posted on this site.



See photos of my work

Click on the "Photo Gallery" link at the top of the page to view my work.



See my work in person

May 18-19, 2013:  Cambridge Open Studios (COS) 2013.    I'll be at 99 Magazine Street, Central Square, Unit 1.  Noon-6pm both days. 

June 1, 2013:  Jamaica Plain Spring Fair 2013.   I'll be on the front lawn of First Church in JP (under my tent). 11am - 4pm Saturday only.  Located at the corner of Centre, South & Eliot Streets, at the Monument, in Jamaica Plain.

September 21-22, 2013:  Jamaica Plain Open Studios 2013.   Location to be announced.

November 2013  Roslindale Open Studios 2013:  Location to be announced. 

November 23-24, 2013  Brickbottom Open Studios 2013:   Location to be announced.

OTHER WAYS TO SEE MY WORK:   By appointment. Contact me any time via email at lauriebloom AT 


To Buy My Work

At my shows I accept payment via Paypal, check or cash.